Link Popularity and Linking Building Strategies

This page is up for review, after recent Google algorithm placement some would tell you that back linking is not needed to get high rankings rather your website's content is the main ranking factor. This is up for review and we will update as soon as possible.

Understanding link popularity and its affect on search engine rankings?

Without a doubt, one of the most critical areas used by the top search engines to attach importance to a webpage is link popularity. Google, specifically, had devised its own method for arriving at this importance ranking. The name of this system is Google Page rank. Some say it don't exists any more but I beg to differ. There are two major components that define the webpage's link popularity and they are:

1. The volume of links directed to the webpage in the form of in-bound links to the website.
2. The specific quality the in bound links possess

The more volume of niche related, in-bound links directed towards a website, the better the affect on the website's search engine ranking. In a way, the search engines consider each inbound link a ranking of the popularity of the site. The more votes a particular website gets the more important the website will be considered. Inbound links have a specific meaning and value to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, and Ask Jeeves.

These meanings can include the number, duration of linking time, and overall quality remain a major component of the search engine algorithms. The aesthetic quality of in-bound link centers on the importance of the webpage providing the in-bound link. As a result, acquiring a inbound link from a webpage on MSNBC would be considered of much higher worth than a link that is placed on an unknown website that has a low Google PageRank. More on the quality of links later in this chapter.

What are the most important considerations of Links?

There are two components that are of extreme importance to the value of inbound links.

- The number of in-bound links must be increased - The ways to do this include operating a link exchange program with other sites or placing links on those website's that would be considered highly relevant. (An in-depth look at developing a solid link building campaign will be discussed later)

- Acquiring all inbound links from higher quality sites - By getting  in-bound links from better quality sites and authority sites- Remember, the quality of inbound links will have a solid effect on the benefits you receive.

Here are a few means in which to locate websites that match a particular theme. Reciprocal link requests can be sent to many of them as well.

1. The Google: Direct the feel of your website on the Google ( Look for websites that would be interested in link exchanges with you.
2. The Yahoo: Direct the feel of your website on the Yahoo ( Look for websites that would be interested in link exchanges with you.
3. maintains a list of highly trafficked sites at
4. provides a free link exchange program with a multitude of link partners.

Your link building campaign must start with three essential sites that give good in-bound linking benefits. These are Google search engine - Free submission, NY Times - Payd submission and Teds Talk - Free submission. 
These are the top three sites which are considered highly important in term of quality. They also aid in boosting the SERP's of the top search engines.

What are authority sites and what significance do they have for sites linking to them.

Search engines such as Google place much significance on those websites that are considered authority sites. These sites are considered masters of their subject matter. They also attract a great deal of inbound links thanks in part to the value of the content they possess. The main reasons a website will fall into these categories include:

- The content is updated on a near daily basis.
- There is a large volume of web pages that possess much information
- The website is considered possessing high keyword value among the search engines.
- The site will have a number of valuable inbound links pointing to it,

Some examples of authority sites are:

Search engines will clearly attach more prestige to links from authority site since they agree the sites possess more "voting power" for the sites that link due to their special authority status. This is why one must link to a many authority sites as possible.

How does one get links from such quality sites that provide bigger differences in the SERPs?

Authoritative sites that possess a significant rank in the search engines are the most important sites as they provide a vote towards your site. These make your site seem more important in the eyes of the search engines. Here are a number of ways to get quality sites to link to your site:

- Submit the website to all the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Altavista, lycos which all accept free submissions.
- List your site in important directories with the most important being the ODP (
- Acquire a paid directory listing ($299 P.A) at the Yahoo directory. This will boost search engine rankings.
- Look for keywords in Google and make appropriate link exchange requests for the first few pages. Always search for sites with Google Page Rank of 5 and Alexa ranks of 50,000 or above.
- Submit the site to non-profit trade or industries listings.
- Produce press releases related to the website. The end result of this will always be a significant number of inbound links that carry such news.

Writing press releases for in-bound links and traffic

Promoting an online press release will deliver instant traffic as it will be syndicated to several websites instantly. This gives you instantaneous back links and traffic from leading websites. The press release will require that you craft a small news item that could be anything you would like to proclaim about your site.
The two best SEO options for a press release online are: ( a paid service) (a paid service)

Choose the $200 SEO VISIBILITY option in prweb as it gets your news displayed at Yahoo, MSN and Excite.

Try to include some links back to your website (such as inside the news item so that you get direct links to your site wherever the news item is released.

Linking Building Strategies - What tools can you use to increase in-bound links from other sites?

In addition to the previous authority sites, it is important to devise an ongoing system for perpetually exchanging links with other websites. The search engines give significant importance to those inbound links that factor in the relevancy of other web pages.

The three tools used to define relevancy are:

The Google toolbar
Download the Google toolbar at This toolbar will display the current Google PR of any site being browsed. It is best to acquire links from those sites that possess a PR of 4 or better. PR 6 or higher is even better but they are difficult to acquire for free.

The Google and Yahoo advanced operators
These are discusses at length in the chapter on search engines. Command to find which sites are linking to your site and your competitor's site. Once proper sites are identified you can send out proposals for link exchanges. To find out the sites linking to, enter ( ) in the Google search box to come up with a list of sites. Use link: for Yahoo.

The Alexa Toolbar
Download the Alexa toolbar free of cost at This toolbar is very helpful as it displays Alexa traffic ranking data. These rankings provide a measure of a comparison of traffic. This provides a clear indication of a site's popularity.

Use software such SEMRUSHiS
SEMRUSH is a solid product designed to help you locate link partners. It can help build a business network quickly and easily. A business can greatly benefit from such a network.

  • The acquisition of targeted visitors to your website
  • The acquisition of customers and more sales
  • The acquisition of new business contacts
  • The acquisition of a higher ranking on search engines
  • The acquisition of higher link popularity

Use the U free tools
Market leap provides detail on the number of pages of a particular website have been indexed in the search engines. This provides details on "Search Engine Saturation". That is, the number of pages a given search engine possesses in an index for a site domain. Review the Search Engine Saturation and compare one site to the competitors. Review information on a regular basis to note if the Search Engine Saturation is increasing or decreasing.

The free tools provided by Ubersugest are available at:

Same nature of site

The website should address the same audience: This aspect is at the center of the themed links. A web site should critically address will an identical audience: This component will be at the center of a themed link exchange concept.  Make sure that you trade links with sites that are visited by many people of a similar audience.  If your website is about motorbikes, you should not exchange links with a website about fishing. 
The link should not be more than one click away from the home page

Make sure that the site linking to your site is offering a link from the home page. Or, at least a page that is no more than a single link away from the homepage.

The links page should not be cluttered

The benefits of the links will decrease links that are placed on the page containing too many links. Make sure the link partner has a links page that has no more than 40 links.  Those pages with more than 80 links are viewed as link farms and will attract a penalty from the search engines.

- Check the Google PR

When compiling a list of web sites for exchanging links, make sure that the web site has a Google page rank  that is higher than your own.  A page rank may be PR zero or one because it may have been banned.  PR 4 sites are generally good candidates for making a link exchange. 
- Check the Alexa Ranking

 You can check the Alexa rankings of any website at Try to pick websites that are in the top 100,000 websites by way of Alexa rankings.
Alexa presents a graph showing the past traffic for a website at The graph can reveal if a site is gaining in traffic.
 You can use the way back machine to see what a website looked like earlier. This is available at

How can you find sites that could offer you in-bound links for raising your links popularity from the search engines?

 There many thousands of web sites that offer pages where the site owners can submit descriptions and links to their website.  Been placing these links on other sites, via an exchange or otherwise, this is the best way for increasing the link's popularity. Here are some tips for finding sites that offer pages for submitting links.

 - Look for the keywords add URL or its synonyms such as submit URL or submit site or submit link. And you will discover web sites that possess these terms and very often they turn out to be pages where you can add a link.

  • The look for URLS in Google that maybe submission pages such as in submitlink.html or addURL.html or addURL.asp or submitsite.html. Play with variants of the words by separating them by hyphens and underscores. 
  • Try the above searching techniques in other search engines, since every search engine has its own search formula and will offer different results.

Does the internal link popularity of a website effect rankings?

 It is true, the web pages in a site and pass votes from one site to another.  This distributes link popularity among the sites.  It's a good idea to get important pages linked from other sites that may be receiving top down and links from popular sites. 

Keep in mind the following points:

- Link all important pages among themselves in the site. 
- If the site has many levels below the website but remains an important one, link to it from the popular pages of the web site .
- Avoid adding several links on multiple pages of the website as this will ruin the Google PageRank of the web sites that possess the links . If you add a link page or resource page to the site , please link it from the homepage and not any other pages of the site.
- Minimize your out-bound links through out the site
- Avoid linking the link partner page from every page on the web site. Many websites error in this regard and link it to the top and bottom of every page.
-Add as much to Google PR within the site is possible without adding additional external links.  Such actions like this may lower the Google PR.

What is link anchor text and why is it important?

Anchor text is one of the most important external optimization factors. Anchor text is the portion of a hyperlink visible by a visitor to a web site. This is usually seen as the clickable text which is underlined in blue. Top search engines place much importance to the anchor text of the hyperlink headed to a website. 

Here is an example of anchor text:

 <a href=” ”> Online Certification and Employment Testing</a>
In the above example, the "Online Certification and Employee Testing" part is the anchor text. and includes the two most important keywords related to the website, namely - "Online Certification" and "Employment Testing".

What should the anchor link text be?

Use only contextual keywords for which you are targeting your webpage. Remember that the same keywords should also be present in the webpage you are getting linked to so that the search engines can identify the anchor text with the webpage.

What factors should be kept in mind while designing an email to request a links exchange?

But when the when making a link exchange request keep it short and simple. Stay away from excess marketing language or hype .  This is unnecary and self defeating. 
Example: "Request for links exchange with" (where is the name of the website on which you would like your link placed) Here is an example of a good links exchange proposal
I have recently visited your website and it. is a solid resource on college education.  That added a link to your site or resource page at with the following description: offers information for SEO training.

It would be most appreciated if you could reciprocate the link to your site as well. My website currently has an Alexa rank of 50000,which is growing at 20% per year.

 Kindly link to my website using the below information:

Professional SEO Training - Free SEO Training

Please let me know if you need any further information.
 Regards. Daniel Malbasic.

Which page/s
should I ask websites to link to for getting maximum linking benefit for the whole site?

Inbound link should be invited on pages and properly placed within the site.  Further links to other pages of the site are important as well.  The page which receive most of the amount links have the highest P. R. on the site and are linked to other pages on the site so PR can flow through the entire website.  Generally the home page is chosen as the page for links. Search engines place importance on the home page which increases its ability to gain a high ranking. Try to get the most links on your homepage, as the Google PR will flow downwards throughout the website

Is there something called link filters in Google?
Since Google to engine formula is secretive it is difficult to say anything with certainty, the search engine has designed a filter on all new inbound inks .  A page rank will not be fully passed to a website immediately after the link is placed . Instead, it will be done gradually over a period of time. The purpose of this is to avoid people purchasing links in order to gain a higher ranking in the engines.

Can you buy text links, and is it a good idea?

There are those web site owners resorting to buying high page rank links as a quick way of being indexed by the search engines as well as gaining the high page rank.  After all, it is not easy to acquire links from sites with very high page ranks such as PR 7, PR8, etc.  Cell , many people will purchase the page ranks.  While this is frowned upon it is not penalized.  A good PR 8 link can come for $250 per month; a good PR 9 link can come for $1000 per month.

Remember to carefully word the anchor text in the links that will be placed.

Most text link broking companies give you a discount if you pay in advance for 3 months

Can reciprocal links be bad for your website?

There are recent reports the Google frowns upon reciprocal links.  If the links are of a similar theme there should be no problem or reason to worry.

What are natural links?

These are top of the line links and possess the following features:

- One way linking
- They involve websites that share related themes
- They are purely voluntary

Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking and WEB 2.0 website links are among the most effective ways to get backlinks. Even though social websites are not niche related, as of Jan this 2012 the search engines donot rely hugely upon social platform backlinks in ranking your website. Sites like Facebook pages, linkedin, twitter, Regit, should have your website's url in keyworded hyperlink as discussed above.

Is it a good idea to buy links or submit to link farms?

NO - link farms are a vast network of web pages usually over several sites. The purpose of link farms is to add web pages containing various links with the goal of perpetually multiplying the volume of links on the net. This is a cheap way of boosting link popularity. Note: it is easily detected by the search engines and they consider it spam. It should not be employed for boosting link popularity.

What are the most effective backlinks you can accumulate for your website?

Here is my list for the most effective one way backlklinks that you can obtain for your website. Make sure all backlinks pointing to your website are ONLY niche realted (with the exception of social links) Some SEOs will tell you that it does not matter if links are niche related or not. This is NOT true.

Primary Link Building:

  • Submit to 30 local business directort listings
  • Then do 30 national business directory listings
  • Make sure directory profiles are fully filled out with images
  • Make sure each profile description is uniuqe, (Important!)
  • Make sure all hypertext is diverse (see below) and contextual links are most powerful.
  • Make sure all links are from a differant c class ip addesses
  • Only post to niche realted or social websites.

Other link resources:

  • Business directories
  • Article Directories
  • Web 2.0 Blogs (Hubpages, Squidoo)
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Education Backlinks
  • Goverment Backlinks
  • Image Sliders
  • Video Marketing
  • Niche Related Websites/Blogs

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