Roles and Responsibilities of a Good SEO Professional

What is the purpose of a search engine optimization professional? The primary goal of a SEO professional is to optimize websites and web pages for your clients. The process of optimization can range greatly. Mainly, it involves improving the rankings of web pages in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and Mobile SEO Training in Vancouver.

But, contrary to popular belief, this is not the only purpose of SEO Services. Often, some SEO services serve the purpose of increasing the overall visibility of a website on the internet as a whole. As a result, the optimized website will see significant increases in traffic, visibility and (hopefully) business revenue.

SEO encompasses several facets of the website, some of the areas of operation for search engine optimizers are:

  • Website domain name (deciding the domain name)
  • Webpage names and file/directory names(deciding the page names and file names)
  • Deciding Page titles, headers, sub-headers
  • Choosing & embedding relevant keywords throughout the website
  • Making alterations to the copy matter of the website
  • Making changes to the flow and layout of the website & optimizing internal links
  • Making design changes
  • Making the site search engine readable by working with meta tags & robots.txt files
  • Monitoring changes to the website in the SERPs of major search engines
  • Developing strategies for increasing in-bound traffic  
  • Monitoring changes to search engine algorithms
  • Studying competing websites and learning from their efforts
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What characteristics should a solid search engine optimization professional possess?

The search engine optimization professional often requires a great deal of interaction with clients. If you lack clear communication with your clients you will never maximize your business' potential. This is why solid communication skills are an absolute must in order to enhance your chances for success. It is critical to clearly explain to your clients what benefits your business will provide for them.

Some characteristics that make a great search engine optiization professional include:

  • A pleasing and helpful nature
  • Good communication skills
  • Selling skills (especially if you plan to run your own business)
  • A good listener
  • A truthfulness ands responsible attitude towards the clients.
  • Patience towards your efforts and towards your clients requests
  • A good understanding of the science of search and the internal working of the major search engines
  • The ability to grasp new techniques and scientific concepts
  • The habit of reading regularly about the latest SEO Services news

Also, staying on top of trends in the SEO business is a must as well. If you fall behind on current information then your business will become outdated. This means your business will not provide your clients with their dollar's worth. This would be very unfair to them and ultimately self-defeating for your business.

Expert Advise About SEO Training in Vancouver:

Please note, just because you may lack some of the previously mentioned characteristics does not mean you can't develop these skills or traits or SEO training. In reality, you can develop your abilities in these areas over time as you gain experience. You simply must make note of your strengths and weaknesses and attempt to improve upon the areas you need to enhance. Successful search engine optimization professionals who charge $1000.+ per month are not prodigies. They developed their skills over years of practice and now possess significant expertise on the subject.

The main characteristic that successful people possess is the ability to constantly keep learning. Once a profession ceases to learn then their abilities start to stagnate. As such, once you fall behind on current trends you are well on your way to complete stagnation. This is certainly NOT a good thing.

Another important trait to possess is the ability to be a solid salesman. Many times, you will be in a position where you have to convince potential clients to buy your services. Sometimes, the window of opportunity is narrow. That is why you only have a few crucial moments to make an effective sales pitch.

The ethical responsibility of the search engine optimization professional

SEO Agents in Vancouver have a responsibility to their clients as well as to society. This means that SEO professionals in vancouver must prescribe to certain ethical codes of conduct that must be adhered to at all times. Proper conduct should be conducted towards the client, the workplace, employees and anyone else involved with a SEO Agent Vancouver.

As a certified SEO Agents in Vancouver, the following code of ethics must be adhered to:

(A)The Relationship with the client

1. The search engine optimization professional must ensure he/she provides the best advice possible to a client within the best of his/her abilities.

2. Privacy of the client : As a SEO Expert Vancouver we must protect the personal information provided by the client. This includes any and all online or offline information. The only exception would be when information is turned over to the government. In such an instance, the client should be informed immediately.

3. Misguiding the client: Must not abuse his/her position in order to maximize revenue at the expense of a client's business. Such actions would be tantamount to theft.

4. The contractual relation: We must adhere to any and all contracts signed with the client. The SEO professional is then bound to follow the terms and conditions of the contract to the letter.

5. Discrimination: We must not discriminate between clients on the basis of caste, creed, national origin, education level or any other factor. All clients must be provided with the same level of service at the same price.

(B)The code of conduct of a search engine optimization professional

1. Should remain within his area of established knowledge. Experimenting in areas where the SEO is unfamiliar could prove very damaging to the client.

2. Must always maintain the integrity of the website and make sure that no harm or damage befalls the website. Ruining the site was NOT the reason the professional's services were procured.

3. We should never let the client's website fall into a state of stagnation. That is, a professional needs to stay up to date on techniques in order to best serve the client.

4. We need to present total truth in advertising. Misstating experience or facts is tantamount to an act of fraud.

5. We should not try to promote any product or service to the client simply in order to receive a commission. Since SEO is in an influential position with the client, it is very important place the welfare of the client above any personal monetary gains. Such an action would be a severe breach of trust with a client.

6. When there is a difference of opinion between the SEO and client. A SEO must profess a decision that is in the best interest of the client. If there is a conflict of interest with the client, the level of service provided by the search engine optimization professional then it is advised to discontinue the contractual relationship. This will protect both the professional and the client.

(C)Conduct at the work place and towards society

1. We must always provide solid help and clear information to all members of the workforce. Professional and helpful behaviour in the workplace is critical to maintaining a cohesive workplace.

2. We must bring to the notice of the management or higher authorities, if any activity that is not in the best interest of the client is revealed. This involves relaying any information regarding malpractice, unethical behaviour or misdeeds of any kind perpetrated by a member of the work place.

3. We must always follow the established laws of the federal and state government. It is absolutely critical that the SEO l adhered to the law and not do anything that would lead to legal problems.

4. We must always seek to promote the profession as a whole through the promotion of the various benefits that Mobile SEO Training Vancouver can provide. This will make the industry significantly stronger as a whole.