What is SEO and what does it involve?

What is the importance of search for websites and how can SEO save valuable dollars in advertising expenses?

What is SEO?

The amount of advertising dollars that go into online advertising is staggering. In fact, in 2012 approximately 150 Billion dollars was spent.

The ability to tap into this revenue revolves around the number of visitors to a site. That is, the more visitors a website receives the more revenue it will earn, if conversion optimized the right way, moreon that later.

Regarding search engine optimization SEO and search engines, Over 94% of the website traffic comes from the search engines. Search engine optimization can help webmasters increase traffic while eliminating advertising expenses.

Search engine optimization efforts also have significant impact on site traffic that will long outlive any paid advertising venture. Believe it or not, 100 visitors to a properly
optimized keyword can eliminate thousands of dollars in costs from such pay per click service listings on Google Adwords or Overature.

Which search engine should I concentrate on while performing SEO activities?

There are many hundreds of search engines but only a small number of the search engines cater to the vast majority of searches conducted daily by the various engines.  Because of this you must focus efforts on the following search engines because they possess more than it 80 percent of all searches on the Internet.

According to Associate Editor of Search Engine Watch, Danny Sulivan (This is a great SEO blog to subscribe to) the approximate share of Google, Yahoo and MSN in the total worldwide search is:

- Google - 67+% of overall search
- Yahoo - 22+% of overall search
- MSN - 12+% of overall search

By no means has this inferred it is a waste of time to work with other SEO services or search engines.  What is SEO? it is when you place your website at the top tof the three search engines you are addressing that vast majority of the worldwide traffic. The remaining percent of the traffic is carried by the smaller search engines.  If your search engine optimization targets the top search engines you would end up covering the same traffic that would be present in the smaller search engines. 

So, stick with the larger search engines for the time being.  Additionally, it is important to look at the value of web site directories particularly DMOZ. These directories carry considerable weight by the search engines. A DMOZ directory listing should be a priority, as it gets a website automatically indexed by Google.

Who can or should perform SEO activities

SEO activities refer to various efforts related to building the website up such as design, traffic building, link building, SEO submissions, SEO services, strategic partnerships, increasing inbound links, etc.  The main person responsible for optimization should have the ability to handle design aspects of the site such as:

  • Changing HTML pages, titles, headers, meta tags and text.
  • All layout changes of pages

The person should be able to browse the internet and find link partners as well as locate any area where links to the site can be added.

Why it is a good idea to undertake SEO services by yourself?

Search engine optimization is not as difficult as many assume. A person can learn optimization on their own and become very good at it. There are many who would outsource their search engine optimization activities.  Here are a number of reasons why you should not:

  • Most companies will charge a large and expensive service fee.  If you do these activities via do it yourself SEO you'll save money.  Also you'll develop SEO knowledge in the profession.
  • It takes a great deal of time for search engine optimization results to show.  As a result you may be paying a search engine optimization company a lot of money when they're not doing any work.
  • Many search engine optimization companies also charges subscription fee for the pauses search engine ranking results to maintain overtime.  This can lead to web sites being forced to pay for an eventually loss of traffic when the subscription expires.
  • There are a number of search engine optimization companies that might resort to
    black hat (banned) tactics that will get the website blacklisted by the search engines.  It is best to trust your own judgment since you will not do this to yourself.
  • While search engine optimization work is difficult it is not impossible to learn and it can be performed by anyone who has a willingness to learn. Using the right resources anyone can learn how to perform do it yourself search engine optimization techniques.
  • Many search engine optimization services want their customers to reveal the web sites as FTP details to allow changes to be made to the site.  This could prove disastrous and lead to deletions, alterations or variations of crucial files or folders.
  • Then there is the financial aspect of search engine optimization services.  Many search engine optimization services will charge ridiculous amounts of money upwards of $500.00 a month while providing very little return on an investment.  In fact, the you  could have spent money on pay per click advertisements instead. 

What are the areas of operation for SEO Services Professionals

So What is SEO? - SEO encompasses several areas of operation. Some of these had been mentioned earlier as well:

  • Discussing the client's objectives while examining budgetary issues.
  • Clearly explaining as well as understanding the business model.
  • Website domain name decisions.
  • Webpage names and file/directory name decisions
  • All decisions related to page titles, headers, sub-headers
  • Choosing & embedding keywords of importance throughout the website.
  • Making alerations to any text on an as needed basis.
  • Making changes to make sure the layout looks good and flows nicely.
  • Making all necessary changes to the design.
  • Using meta tags & robots.txt files to increase the readability  
  • Monitoring changes to the website in the SERPs (search engine results pages) of major search engines.
  • Developing strategies for increasing in-bound traffic  
  • Monitoring changes to search engine algorithms
  • Studying competing websites in order to understand their SEO efforts
  • Handling customer inquiries and problems
  • Providing timely reports to customers upon request